Tentatively, on-campus programs will resume in Summer 2022, when COVID-19 restrictions for overnight stay are removed.

The “Innovate for Good” initiative in the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University aims to promote interdisciplinary and collaborative activities to arrive at innovative solutions to address social problems.  The primary goal of the initiative is to increase diverse students’ awareness about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) education and career paths. In addition, there will be research projects that investigate technology problems and practice themes that help advance under-represented groups in STEM education and the workforce.  Click the links to view the Summer 2018 and Summer 2019 programs.  During Summer 2020 a virtual camp was offered but due to legal restrictions from App State no pictures or videos are available..


Innovate for Good offers opportunities for primary and secondary-aged students as well as those in collegiate environments. Computers and information technology affect business, manufacturing, health care, sports, entertainment and tourism, and virtually every other field.