What kind of student should apply?

High achieving rising high school sophomores- seniors interested in STEM-related career paths as well as students with a desire to study Computer Information Systems, Analytics, and other tech-related college majors. Students who are under-represented and are interested in gaining exposure to technical sides of Programming, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Mobile Application Development, or Internet of Things are also encouraged to apply. Also, those who have a passion for entrepreneurship, community outreach, and sustainability will find the program enlightening. 

What is the curriculum like? What will we learn? 

The program will engage students in enhancing their computing and entrepreneurial skillsets through working on social and sustainability challenges relevant to the local community and beyond. This will foster teamwork, leadership, entrepreneurial, computational thinking, social, and interpersonal skills, all of which are valuable life and technical skills that colleges and employers are looking for. 

Through field trips and hands-on, interactive learning experiences, students will learn how to prepare for college life and thrive in professional settings. A final closing session will allow students to showcase what they have learned and present their projects. Parents and all involved in the program will be invited to participate in the closing session.

What will travel entail? 

 Travel to local and regional businesses allowing students to gain familiarity with how a business is run and how technology is used to support and enhance such businesses. We will also visit the sites of organizations that will provide meaningful problems to use as cases for students to work on.

There may be other travel expeditions for some of the evening and weekend social activities such as hiking, sports activities, and visits to the beautiful scenery of the North Carolina mountains.  

Do we have rules and curfews? 

 Qualified resident counselors and program leaders are here to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. Curfews will be scheduled and rules will be in place to create a safe and productive environment that allows all participants to have fun while they learn and progress in the program.

What are the benefits of participating in Technovation for Good? 

 Technovation for Good provides students an opportunity to network, experience college life, learn from successful leaders in the tech world, gain hands-on experience with data analysis, cybersecurity, programming, and other areas. To showcase their experience, students will work through a collaborative project utilizing skills developed over the two weeks. Students who participate in the Technovation for Good program will receive a certificate of participation and the opportunity to learn more about themselves and what they may want to pursue in this expansive industry. 

Students will also be familiarized with the necessary skills to become a strong college applicant by attending presentations from the college admissions staff and alumni. The benefits are boundless!

What is the cost of the Technovation for Good program? 

 The Technovation for Good Program will be a two-week program on Appalachian State's Campus with a total cost of $ 2,500. A $150 non refundable admin fee is required at the time of acceptance to hold your spot. Need-based scholarships are also made available due to partial funding from Alex Lee, Inc., Lowe's Companies, and other donations. 

What does the student need to bring? 

 The student will be responsible for bringing their own linens and towels. This includes twin sheets, twin comforter, pillow/blanket. The student also needs to bring bath towel/s and wash cloths. Laundry will be available during this program and is included in the cost of the program.  A recommended packing list will be provided as it gets closer to the program start date.

What forms of payment are accepted 

 Once a student is accepted into the program, they will receive an email where they will need to complete their registration which will confirm their spot in the program. A $150 fee will be required to hold their spot. The final balance will be due by June 16th, 2023. There is a 3% credit card transaction that will automatically be applied.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available? 

Limited need-based scholarships are available. Once a student has submitted their online application, they can submit their online scholarship application here. This form should be completed by the student, parent or guidance counselor. Please complete this form at the time of application (due April 15, 2023). If selected for consideration, the student will be prompted to supply three months of check/pay stubs for the household from the last six months.