Program Leaders

Program Leader application materials will open January 2021 for Summer 2021 program.         

The 2020 Technovation for Good Program is a two-week technology and entrepreneurship experiential learning program for rising high school seniors. Participants are selected based on interest in STEM and entrepreneurship and their academic achievement and involvement. The program brings participants to ASU's campus where they are introduced to core and emerging computing skills, entrepreneurial development, project work and interaction with IT and business professionals/potential site visits.

Four Walker College of Business students will be hired to work with the group as Program Leaders. Together, this team guides the participants through all the program activities, responds to participant needs and interests, and creates a fun, safe and educational environment while serving as mentors and role models.

Minimum qualifications include:

  • Enrolled as an undergraduate or graduate majoring within the Walker COB (must be accepted into the Walker COB by May 2020). Preference will be given to students majoring in CIS, Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship or Sustainability. 

  • May 2020 graduates will be considered as well

  • Be in good academic and judicial standing with the University

  • Valid driver's license and a favorable driving record (maybe driving out of state)

  • Exhibit significant involvement within the University and/or the Walker COB

Preferred characteristics:

  • Energetic and creative

  • Professional and punctual

  • Cooperative and able to maintain a positive attitude even under stress/fatigue

  • Motivated and enjoys helping others

  • Responsible and reliable

  • FUN!

Two options are available: Program Leaders for day time only during the weekdays of the program  (typically between 8 and 5) or for the entire program (July 19 to August 1st).

Training is required. The Program Leader team is required to complete 4 training sessions (approximately 2 hours each) throughout the spring semester; meetings usually begin after spring break. Dates are determined by the team and the director.

Program dates for 2021 will be updated soon.

Compensation for Program Leaders helping during the day: $15/hour for undergraduate students and $18/hour for graduate students. Lunch will be provided. 

Compensation is $1,200 - housing and meals are provided for the entire program. All travel expenses are paid with the exception of additional snacks or personal purchases during the trip. Business exploration and networking opportunities abound and are an added benefit to being a Program Leader.


 At all times:

  1. Serve as a positive role model and mentor for Technovation for Good participants, sharing the importance of education and the attitudes and skills that will enhance the students’ academic and personal success.

  2. Act as an exemplary representative of Appalachian, the College of Business, and the Technovation for Good Program. While doing so, have fun and learn a lot!

  3. Supervise students, ensuring their safety and well being, while making sure all Appalachian policies and procedures are followed.

  4. Monitor, evaluate participant behavior, and redirect when needed.

  5. Ensure that all participants are involved and included to the greatest extent possible.

  6. Follow the Technovation for Good Code of Conduct, and consistently support, role model and enforce the Code as well as other rules.

  7. Work together as a team with other program leaders and director, actively communicating with and supporting other staff/team members.

  8. Participate actively in meetings and all Technovation for Good activities.

  9. Work the duration of the Institute (July 17- July 31, 2020).

  10. Know the program schedule and be able to keep the participants informed.

  11. Ensure that students participate and arrive punctually to activities and events.

  12. Be responsive and provide assistance with logistical details.

  13. Be ethical and professional.

  14. Communicate, communicate, communicate!

On campus:

  1. Serve “on duty” rotation, supervising students in the residence halls, on campus and during meals, escorting students to health services (when applicable), facilitating group/hall meetings and assisting with work and errands for the program. Leaders have little time off during the Program.

  2. Facilitate games and icebreakers to help students learn about one another and develop positive relationships. Leaders especially need to know their group members.

  3. Attend and participate in daily leader/staff planning meetings. Hold daily or nightly group/hall meetings with participants.

  4. Plan evening activities, as the majority of work takes place during the evenings.

If there is travel:

  1. Be accountable for your group.

  2. Interact with participants during free time.

  3. Arrive early to meeting and departure points.

  4. Assist with room checks and disbursement of money.

Application process:

1. Program Leaders for day time only: No need to complete the online application. Send an email to with your interest, resume, and current major.

2. Program Leaders (entire program, residential):  Complete the online electronic application and submit a resume and two recommendation forms, one of which should be completed by a faculty or staff member; the other may be from a personal reference (i.e former employer, neighbor; peers/family will not be accepted). Be sure to provide your cumulative GPA on your resume.

Resume and reference forms may be emailed to, or submitted to the CIS Department (2nd floor, Peacock Hall) OR WCOB Office of Graduate Programs (3140-D, 3rd floor, Peacock Hall). Forms may also be scanned and emailed to

All supplemental forms and information are due by Feb 1, 2021. Interviews will be scheduled individually from mid Feb. 

Thank you for your time and interest in the Technovation for Good Program!